The One Project

Leadership Opportunities


Student Advisory Board

The mission of the Student Advisory Board is to continuously improve The One Project. The Advisory Board is a diverse cross-section of students representing the university's LGBTQA community. Students must have an interest in improving the campus services for LGBTQA students through The One Project. The Advisory Board works to help inform the Co-Coordinators of The One Project on student needs and attitudes so the program can best serve the campus. The Advisory Board will promote The One Project through coordination of programs and community involvement. Positions are held for the duration of the student's enrollment at the university.


-Serve as a liaison between students and the Co-Coordinators of The One Project.
-Inform students of The One Project events and services.
-Promote the general welfare of the LGBTQA community on campus.
-Act as outstanding students in their academics and social lives.
-Offer recommendations for new programs or modifications of existing programs.
-Provide representation for The One Project at yearly events (including The First Look Fair/StampFest, LGBT Equity Center Open House, Lavender Convocation/Graduation, and New Student Orientation).
-Educate and stimulate involvement in The One Project.

Please review and submit the PDF application for consideration. Applications will be recieved and reviewed on a rolling basis.


UNIV100Q Teaching Assistant

The UNIV Teaching Assistant (TA) experience is an opportunity for students to view the classroom from a different perspective.  Students are paired with an instructor and placed in either a UNIV100 or UNIV101 section.  TAs work with their assigned instructors in creating the class syllabus, activities, and assignments.  This is not a traditional TA position - TAs are active participants in all aspects of the course, from leading class discussions to reading journal assignments, from explaining the Honor Code to attending the First Look Fair.  TAs are representatives of the Orientation Office and the University of Maryland.


TAs begin their commitment at the end of August with a training and remain in their position through the Fall semester.  Given that this is a credit-bearing experience, students must feel secure that they can balance the responsibilities associated with being a TA with the rest of their academic classes.  Please see more on the eligibility and application process online. Please note, a one-on-one interview will be held with all applicants.

All UNIV100Q TA positions have currently been filled for the semester. Please contact us in regards to any future openings.


Alternative Break Trip Leader

All Alternative Break Trip processes and applications are run in coordination with Leadership and Community Service Learning (LCSL) Alternative Breaks Program. For more information on The One Project's trip, please visit our Alternative Breaks page.

Those interested in being Trip Leaders should talk with the Co-Coordinators of The One Project.


Graduate/Undergraduate Internship

The Graduate/Undergraduate Intern will report to the Co-Coordinators of the program. Job requires program creation and implementation as well as community building and town/gown relationships. Some projects include:

-Outreach to first-year students not enrolled in UNIV100Q
-Assist with expansion of the programming calendar
-Create relationships and initiatives with local high schools and community colleges


The best candidate for this position will have experience working with the LGBTQA student population or have a strong interest in working with this population. Additional experience working with new freshmen or transfer programs, or understanding those student population needs, is not required but candidate should be willing to learn more about these populations. The graduate/undergraduate intern will work a maximum of 10 hours/week. Hours are dependent on the semester and programming needs. Intern must be a current undergraduate, Masters, or Doctoral student at the University of Maryland, College Park not graduating before May.

This is not a graduate assistantship and does not come with tuition remission or benefits.

Please contact The One Project for more details on the internship.

Applications for all positions must be submitted to 1102 Cole Student Activities Building by the due date listed on the specific application materials.

Please feel free to contact us for any additional information or details concerning any listed leadership opportunities.

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